Results show that Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) eliminates microorganisms.

The study carried out by the Scitec Research SA laboratory demonstrated that Laurastar DMS naturally and lastingly eliminates harmful microorganisms, without the use of any added chemicals.

Indeed, the results showed:

  1. THE ELIMINATION after ironing of:
    • 99.999% of bacteria
    • 100% of dust mites
    • 99.99% of the fungus Candida albicans
    • since the microorganisms do not reappear in the 24 hours following the use of DMS on textiles. As the steam is dry, which will be explained later, the fabrics are themselves left perfectly dry, leaving little chance for microorganisms to breed.

The hygienic effect of Laurastar DMS thus makes it possible to thoroughly clean clothes without the addition of chemical products.

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