Hygiene has been a subject of concern for centuries. While major progress was made in this field in the 19th and 20th centuries, it’s worth asking about progress over the past 40 years. Indeed, in the 1960s, with an increase in access to antibiotics, hygiene stopped being taught in schools. There was a paradigm shift and a focus on prevention gave way to an emphasis on cure. There are, however, a number of measures that can be taken to avoid infections. But these have simply been lost in recent generations.

In this context, clothing becomes something much more than just fashion. No other product comes into as much contact with the skin and is pressed against it 24 hours a day. Clothing should not only beautify, it should also protect: protect against skin diseases and irritations, the development of allergies - especially in young children or those with weakened immune systems - and it should prevent unwanted smells.

Microorganisms lie at the origin of life and are thus vital. But although they have a positive side, they also transmit illnesses and allergies.

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